Jumat, 02 November 2012

I Promise In November

Hello November :)

Today, I do what I promise in October. I promise to write in English language. Let me introduce my self first my name is Hamdan Yuapi, I am a student of university in last semester. Writing is part of my hobby, I don’t have a girlfriend. I think it is important to tell the world about this. I have my personal blog, I call it "The Chakiman" If you have a twitter you can listen my tweet @hamdihere

Thanks God, I still have a good friends like Ozan, Havk, Lette, Ragil, Tachi and all my friend in SUAKA. I see a happines from them. Half of my classmate already graduated and I’m still do my paper. I must do my paper everyday to be a fresh graduated. Go and fight don’t be afraid. Writing is my way to keep life spirit. I can get idea everywhere. Remember this words “a good writer is a good reader.” Expecially in English language vocabulary, grammar and structure are important. Tomorrow, I will write about one topic or article in English.

Let’s make a wish in November. What is your November wish?

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